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Astronomy themes, landscapes and public art are some of the targets of my work. These are the best of times as we stand on the threshold of unprecedented discovery in space. As a space artist, I am grateful for and inspired by the amazing images of faraway places that the great telescopes of our generation have given us. As a plein air painter, I am inspired to quickly capture light, color and movement with the focus on our rapidly changing environment. As an artist within the live public art venue I am inspired by the opportunity for creativity, spontaneity and exchange.


The Best of Plein Air
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Season

Kanapaha / Worldwide Paint Out 9/12-14
Matheson Museum Paint Out 9/20,21
Dudley Farm Paint Out 10/17-19
Fair Oaks Invitational 10/31,11/1,2
Melrose Open Air Arts 3/7-17
Bartram Paint Out 3/21
A Brush With Nature 4/16-18
Winter Park Paint Out 4/19-26

I could write a lot about each of these events individually but I'll let my paintings do the talking for me. You know what they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

I love the paint outs. They are the marathons of the live, public art performance. Raw, fresh, real, immediate, accessible, it happens right before your very eyes. Side by side we paint, using the same materials and methods as those first painters in the outdoors, the Impressionists, over a 150 years ago. An intimate invitation to witness the unique and mysterious creative process at work. From first light until the last golden hours and on into the nocturne, artists capture with their quick sleight of hand a strange alchemy to transform simple pigment into light and life!

Whenever you bring a large group of talented and hard working artists together in an inspired venue, great things are going to happen. I appreciate these opportunities that set a marvelous stage on the cultural scene, offer a good challenge to the artist, partner with a good cause and offer the best of our works to savvy patrons and collectors. Many thanks to the awesome venues and fine folks whose generosity and passion for these events are what make them happen.
"Bo Diddley Plaza" / 8" x 10"/ Oil on wood / $350.
I did this night painting live at the Gainesville Downtown Community Plaza recently during one of their last concerts of the season and before closing and renovating for the next year. So I guess it is already some kind of historical document. I really enjoy setting my paint box up in front of a challenging subject and having a quick go at it. I think I captured something good of the light, color and energy. That could never have been achieved working from a photo. A lot of people became interested as I was quietly going about my business creating and there was a good exchange of energy with all of them.


Visionary Painting Intensive w/ Alex and Allyson Grey

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors / Wappinger, New York / Aug 2 - 11, 2014

Alex Grey is often called one of the world's greatest living artists. What an amazing opportunity and experience to spend over a week as a student in the Master's studio! He and his wife, the artist Allyson Grey, were gracious hosts, art and spiritual teachers to 16 of us at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) in upstate New York. The painting intensive is an annual occurrence and this was the last to be hosted in their private residence and studio.

Located on 40 mostly wooded acres, 60 miles north of the big city and near the Hudson River, CoSM is ground zero and a vortex of the Spiritual and Visionary Art movements. Founded by the artists Alex and Allyson Grey, the property holds many supportive structures and staff that house a growing community of visionary artists, studios and residencies for ongoing artist workshops and retreats, a museum, a gallery and a home base for the weekly Art Church and monthly Full Moon Ceremonies. The Greys had large galleries and have enjoyed an amazing success and following for decades in New York City, achieving national and international acclaim, starting with Alex's visionary masterpiece works, the Sacred Mirrors. Alex is also the author of numerous books and spiritual teachings, among them Art Psalms, The Mission of Art and Transfigurations. It was through his books and videos, that were at our local, public library, and his speaking engagements here at UF, that I became familiar with his work. I've had my eye on the Painting Intensive for years and this was my time to do it.

A 21 hour drive over 2 days from Gainesville, FL to Wappinger, NY enabled me to bring all my art supplies, some large paintings for a presentation, and everything else I would need for the 11 day pilgrimage and adventure. What a beautiful, natural setting it was there and after arriving, I was surrounded with a cocoon of love, warmth and support that lasted me the duration of my stay. What an incredible value. For $600., I enjoyed 7 full days and nights of intensive art and spiritual instruction directly from the Masters and all of my meals, healthy and delicious, were included too! The Greys were very accessible to all of us, so very generous, gracious and helpful to each of us. We spent every day from 10am in the morning until 11pm at night with them, lectures in the dining hall and painting in their grand studio. They even ate all their meals with us. So humble are they, artists of such high acclaim and achievement, to take time for us. Their latest book, Community, Journal of Visionary Culture would give me more insight into their mission and a better understanding of what is most important to them.

There were many surprises during the week that were always taking this workshop to the next level. We were greeted by the Grey's upon arriving at dinnertime. They welcomed us most graciously, and in a joyous fashion, sharing some of our goals for the week ahead. We received the invitation to set up our easels in their private studio! That is where we would work, during the entire week, in their great studio, side by side with the Masters. We each had the option to present our art to the Greys and that was great fun. I think mine was successful and everyone really liked The Keyhole Project and the C3D effects in my large space paintings. We also each had an intensive group critique of our 2 paintings from the week to wrap the workshop. Probably the biggest surprise of the week was the announcement one morning that we would do a self-portrait that day. The mirrors were passed out and most of us jumped in. The Full Moon Ceremony on the last night and Art Church the following day gave me the full range of experience that CoSM offers. The many staff and resident artists were so loving and welcoming to me. It was common for them to walk up, smile and embrace me, and say how much they appreciate my art. For me it was a good validation and encouragement of my work and all the efforts behind it. It is nice to leave my local art scene and be embraced and celebrated by a wider, a more national and international, audience. 

It is amazing how much I learned and how much I was inspired by this experience. The Greys have a mantra, With Grace and Ease, and they express that with everything they do. They want pilgrims to learn, grow and experience transformation at CoSM, and we do. They want to encourage and grow the Visionary Art Movement, and by doing so, encourage and grow a more positive, hopeful, peaceful evolution and future. They are currently building the museum and reliquary of visionary art that will permanently house the Sacred Mirrors and other masterpieces of visionary art.

"Flashback in 3D!" Aug - Dec 2014

America's First 3D Fluorescent Museum in Newberry, FL has inspired area artists to explore the C3D (or Chroma-depth 3D) method of painting. Artist Robert Roberg established the museum less than a year ago on the main strip of the small North Florida town, on SR 26 and the railroad tracks, located about 20 miles west of Gainesville. There are 2 galleries that are lit entirely by black lights. You purchase the C3D glasses at the museum. It is fun to walk through first and enjoy the fluorescent art in 2D and then use the glasses to see everything with an added dimension in 3D.

I took Robert's introductory workshop and then did 12 fluorescent 3D paintings that are hanging in the current show at the museum. I tried to explore different themes that would work well in 3D, such as an underwater scene, and astronomy themes. The museum is filled with Roberg's art, as well as works by artists from all over the world and the work of Robert's students. We had a big reception that was on my 60th birthday and there were lots of surprises - my family from Miami, Orlando, Winter Park and Chiefland came to roast and toast me! Everyone sang happy birthday and had a fun time at the museum. It really was a flashback for so many of us!

Robert is having a tough go of it, attempting to establish and sustain this unique and far-out museum in a tough market and in a remote location. But anyone who goes there, no matter who they are, will enjoy the experience. I learned some things that immediately gave a new dimension and value to my work. Some paintings that I did ten years ago have an amazing 3D quality when viewed with the C3D glasses. It doesn't have to be special paint, it was just that the colors happened to be layered a certain way. I'm not a big fan of the fluorescent paints because they are hard to work with. I prefer to incorporate these techniques into some of my oil painting themes now because the 3D effect has a softer, deeper, layered and ethereal feel.

2014 Silver Springs Paint Out

For 10,000 years +, Silver Springs has drawn visitors to its fountain of youth! What a treat to come to this premier, historic wonderland of Florida and paint! I remember my first visit here, in 1960. I was 6 years old. I recall the big rocket out front, the sub view of the springs, the glass bottom boats and Ross Allen's reptile shows. A lot has changed, come and gone, since then. The park has the eerie feel of a ghost town now with most of the concessions inside closed as the park is slowly being restored to its natural state after becoming a state park. The springs, although threatened in more ways than one during this modern age, are still beautiful, their waters clear with fish, turtles and gators swimming about.

The Ocala Plein Air Painters sponsored this event and welcomed artists from all over the state to participate. I am always captivated by the turquoise colors that seem to glow in the depths. It is amazing to me, this crystal flood that flows from mysterious, subterranean caverns. Such a joy to come here and paint it and to share the experiences with other like-minded artists and visitors.


Bartram Paint Out @ Little Orange Creek Nature Park

William Bartram wandered through this area in the late 1700's and wrote about it in his classic book "Travels...".  Twenty artists had the unique opportunity to come together, and capture in their paints, the unique beauty of Little Orange Creek Nature Park in Hawthorne, FL. The event, sponsored by the Friends of Little Orange Creek and the Putnam Land Conservancy, was full of entertainments including live music, story telling, earth skills, hayrides and artists creating paintings in the live, public art venue.

With its rolling hills, heritage trees, water features and lush vistas, the park provided artists with an inspiring view to paint in any direction. Most artists were drawn to the old mill ruins but this artist found his inspiration under a massive long leaf pine, in an ancient cemetery and atop an old pine crag. I also did a painting of Little Orange Creek that was sold upon completion and before I could get a photo of it. Another one gets away!

The art works were installed for an extended exhibit at the Hawthorne Historical Museum. I'm hoping this event will return because there is so much to be inspired by and paint here. The goal is to raise more awareness and support for this unique, natural treasure, Little Orange Creek Nature Park. 


Starry Night 2013

This was my 7th year as part of the annual showcase for space and astronomy at the Florida Museum of Natural History. The attendees are mainly university faculty and students, families with young children, and space nerds of my generation. A good group all, these folks who, like me, are always looking up to the cosmos for inspiration.  There was a large crowd inside because the telescope portion outside had to be cancelled because of the weather. So my paintings at least gave the attendees some stars to look at!  When a person's face lights up with amazement and even disbelief at something I have created, it causes me to have a deeper understanding, respect and gratitude for the work that I have been given to do.

Fair Oaks Plein Air Invitational

In the Heart of Florida, on its most scenic backroads, near the little town of Evinston, there is place called Fair Oaks. A world apart and lost in time. A welcoming and inspiring muse for a group of Florida's seasoned plein air painters. Linda Blondheim, co-founder of Plein Air Florida organized the exclusive retreat that Rick Knellinger hosted on his beautiful property covered with scenic vistas, live oaks, palms and old fields. Linda gave each of us a tour around the property on a golf cart. The inspiration for years of her work was all around us. At every turn was a Linda Blondheim painting!
She pointed out her favorite spots and shared some wonderful stories.

I am so blessed to count myself as one of the twelve who were honored to be a part of it. Charles Dickinson from St. Augustine, Tom Sadler, Sally Evans and Cynthia Edmonds from Winter Park, Scott Hiestead from Ormond Beach, Steve Andrews from Tallahassee, Randy Pitts from Jacksonville, Elisabeth Ferber from Micanopy with Linda, Mary Jane Volkmann and myself from G'ville.

Rick hosted a delicious dinner for us Saturday evening as we watched the sunset, then afterwards, sat around a bonfire, enjoying each other's company under the stars. The next day, Chuck Sapp and his wife delivered a beautiful homemade lunch to us. All of that amazing support and good energy goes directly into our work. There are many hands together that raise the brush in one artist's hand.

"Into the Night" Oct - Nov @ Melrose Bay Art Gallery

From mid Oct to mid Nov, the Melrose Bay Art Gallery featured a showcase for a series of my nocturne paintings.  I filled the front room and green galleries with 34 paintings, each taking the viewer on a different path into the world of the night sky. This artist is grateful for such a wonderful opportunity to share my passion for astronomy, space and the landscape under the moon and stars. The reception was held, appropriately, at night, during the Melrose Art Walk which always sees a good turnout for the five galleries in town. The themed work was represented ideally in this setting and under the hot lights of the gallery. I was happy that so many friends and supporters attended the event.

I've been a member of the Melrose Gallery for 3+ years now and it was nice to hear so many folk's comments about the good progress of my work. The gallery, its artist members and the patrons of the community have been very supportive and encouraging to me and I am grateful for all of their kind help and generosity.

Melrose Bay Art Gallery 103 State Road 26, Melrose, FL (352) 475-3866 www.melrosebayartgallery.com


2013 Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Paint Out

Sept 13, 14 & 14, 2013  Twenty plein air artists gathered together recently at Kanapaha Gardens to create in the live public art venue as participants of the 11th Annual Worldwide Paint Out.  The event, sponsored by International Plein Air Painters, promotes art as a universal language and friendship that has no borders. The local version, sponsored by Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, brought plein air artists from the Gainesville and surrounding North Florida area together. They produced 69 paintings during the marathon of creativity. The works are installed in an exhibition in the Summer House Gallery that will run through Jan. 5, 2014. Sales of artworks share a 40% commission to non-profit Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.

Kanapaha Gardens has long been a muse to the creative community and hosted one of the very first paint outs in the state in 2002. It is truly a green Eden and an artist's delight. The lush landscape is full of wonder at every turn, the variety of plants and landscape is astounding. In the heat of late Summer there was color everywhere. Temperatures in the 90's and bugs were a challenge but everybody hung in there to get their best work. This was the second year in a row that I've organized and promoted this event that provides opportunity to our local art community, offers a supportive contribution to Kanapaha Gardens and connects with artists all over the world.

See International Plein Air Painters website:    http://ipap.homestead.com


"Painting Historic Gainesville" Plein Air Paint Out

June 1 - 8. Sponsored by the Gainesville Fine Arts Association and the Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center, this event had local and regional artists spread out over the historic Duckpond neighborhood, Pleasant Street district, the Matheson Museum and Sweetwater Park.

Many artists were attracted, myself included, to the charming scenes around the Duckpond. My two paintings, "Duckingham Palace" and "Black Swan" were both quick pieces done on two separate mornings. When moving animals are involved, I work with a pencil to make a quick sketch on my panel then go straight to the paints.  These swan were good models for the most part, resting and staying in the general area.  Once the animals are finished, it is easy to quickly fill in the background.

The historic Matheson House, surrounded by lush Sweetwater Park, was another favorite target during the event.  Most of the artists chose to paint the more picturesque views of the front entrance and the northern side view.  I too painted a classic view of the front, but I found a more challenging subject from a unique perspective in the mysterious southern view. More and more, I'm learning that a good painting is all about the emotional exchange between the artist and viewer. It helps to engage the viewer by telling a story...and everyone loves a good mystery!  The Matheson House, built in 1867, is the second oldest surviving building in Gainesville and was continuously occupied by the Matheson family for 120 years.

The art produced at the paint was celebrated with opening and closing receptions and an extended exhibition at The Doris.

2013 "A Brush With Nature" Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens Invitational

"A Brush With Nature" celebrates its third consecutive year as the premier plein air painting event in North East Florida and the successful annual fundraiser for the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens. I was happy to be a contributor and part of the roster this year for this very competitive, juried event. I've done this event every year now and the last two years as the only artist representing Gainesville.

We artists become intimate with the beautiful and inspiring gardens over the 3 day plus run of the event. On the first day of the paint out, most of the artists were inspired to paint around Lake Ray. This made it easy for the many visitors to find us  The topography is varied throughout the park and fairly steep in places offering various high overlooks around the lake. We artists are not so active in our work but at this event we get good exercise! Its fun hiking the roller coaster trails here and there is always inspiration at every turn! Wet weather was part of the equation for this year's paint out and offered us some dramatic lighting.  It can be challenging at times painting in the rain but it is always easier for an oil painter. Oil and water don't mix so its just a matter of blowing water off board and palette!

On the last day of the event, I painted alone, perched on a deck overlooking a little waterfall on Jones Creek. The sky was mostly overcast and bright, reflecting light everywhere and when the sun shone through, it sparkled on the water. I was completely surrounded by the lush green beauty, the sounds of the waterfall, the buzz of nature, the rich smell of damp earth and rain and blooms. That's what the artist is challenged to put into their work!

The gala reception was in the gardens this year and the rain offered challenges but one and all made the best of it and the mood was celebratory, uplifting and fun! My hosts again were Daniel Fuchs and Lauren Domene and they were the best! Many thanks to the small army of dedicated volunteers who stage this most excellent celebration for the plein air artist!


Melrose Open Air Arts 2013

March 15-23. The 7th Annual Melrose Open Air Arts featured 45 of Florida's best plein air painters collaborating for a marathon week of creativity in the live public art venue. The artworks have an extended exhibition at Melrose Bay Art Gallery and Bellamy Road Arts in Melrose.  This year I was honored to be an artist participant, a supporter, art hanger and master of ceremonies for the artist demo day!

I've participated in the event every year since the premiere in 2007.  This one always brings out the best in me.  Melrose and the area has long been an inspiration and home to artists, writers, poets, musicians and other creatives.  Over the years, Open Air Arts has blossomed into a lavish celebration and tribute to we artists!  Five grand parties, including two gala receptions!  The party at the historic Lee House was fantastic as ever!  The beautiful setting with the grand and generous feast that was prepared for us was surpassed only by the gracious hospitality of our hosts.  A young artist, a fan of my space art and show hanging at the Shake Rag Gallery, introduced herself to me and delighted me with praises about my work!  

After painting all day, we party into the night at the homes of the artists who live in the area, Phil Robinson and Reed Pedlow.  The stars were so beautiful at Phil's house that I did a night painting. It gave me a chance to use my new headlamp.  LED light, with dimmer and focus features, this $40. investment performed perfectly.  Very light and portable.  Correct color.  The range of dimmer to brighter is amazing, allowing you to get the perfect balance to keep your eyes light adapted to the dark subject you are viewing and painting.

The best part of the week is the amazing welcome we get from the folks who welcome us onto their properties to allow us to have access to paint all the best views the area has to offer.  I got a tip this year that sent me down a long, wild and bumpy road way out into the woods ending in the most majestic setting of cypress trees on Lake Sante Fe.  That's where I spent the day, alone in nature, in a very peaceful place with just the sound of the wind in the trees and the sweet song of wildlife.  I painted "Serenade" there.  On another day, Bill and Deb Rossi hosted a bunch of us at their beautiful home in Earleton on Lake Sante Fe.  I painted "Rossi's Retreat" on their dock after being served a wonderful breakfast on their porch and before Deb brought us all more treats!

So much to celebrate and be thankful for as we toast the last exhibit at the close of Bellamy Road and all the support given to we artists over the years by the David T. Warner Foundation and the Bellamy Road Gang.  I've very fond memories of all the wonderful art and cultural events staged there and the fun late night parties we had on the upstairs veranda and around the bonfire.  Bellamy Road gave so much to so many and will be missed. 


4th Musical Chairs Project 3/8/13

"The Hot Seat" was my contribution to this annual event that raises funds for children's art education.  This was the fourth chair that I've made for them, all with a space theme.  Scroll down to see my earlier works, "Moon Chair", "Mission to Mars" and "Lord of the Rings".  I like to play the perpendicular surfaces of the chair back and seat against each other to create a 3D effect.

The event featured a couple dozen chairs, each uniquely finished by local artists, a reception and auction at The Doris Bardon Community Center.  100% of the proceeds benefit The Community Foundation of North Central Florida, Friends of Elementary Arts, Inc. 


Moon Over Melrose @ Shake Rag Art and Culture Center 2/22/13

  The good folks of the Alachua Astronomy Club showed up in force to set up an impressive array of high-grade telescopes and other equipment for a benefit at Shake Rag Art and Culture Center in Melrose, FL.  The event was designed as a way to showcase the many talents of the astronomy club's members and as an educational outreach for the east side of the county.  Among some of the featured club member activities were Bob O'Connell giving a talk, "Strange Lights on the Moon", Gay Haldeman with a display of Science Fiction Grand Master Joe Haldeman's books, drawings and watercolors, live music by Amir and Mary Abdullah on the didgeridoo and percussion and an exhibit of space artwork and astro photos.  Paula McClain and Shake Rag gallery artists staged a studio for young artists to create at the event.   

Unfortunately the weather forecast took a turn for the worse and rained out the main portion of live telescope viewing staged outside.  Everyone moved inside and made the best of it, enjoying talks, presentations, the art exhibit and live music by club members.  However, later in the evening, the clouds eventually opened up and a few telescopes were set up on the front patio and attendees got some awesome views of the Moon and Jupiter.  Sometimes it takes dark clouds by contrast to show you how bright the moon and stars can shine!


Gallery 26 / Tim Malles - Spaced Out / 1/6-2/9, 2013

Gallery 26 in Melrose, FL gave me awesome venue for my show titled Spaced Out!  I displayed more than 40 pieces in what was originally and historically the large chapel of a church.  A wonderfully appropriate venue for this exhibit with religious themes. The Keyhole Project, which has been exhibited in various forms in many venues finally got the showcase that it deserved.  All the works were displayed comfortably spaced and at eye level.  Harimandir Khalsa did a fantastic job of hanging the show.  Betty Bennett, the gallery director, and all the gallery artists gave me two awesome and very well attended receptions. I was pleasantly pleased that it was well received by a mostly brand new and enthusiastic audience exposed to the work for the first time.  Such a broad range of comments I get about this work and that is one of the key components of the project.

At the reception on Jan 13, on a Sunday afternoon, Harimandir played her gong along with other musicians playing keyboard and percussion.  The music was spacey and suited the theme and set the mood perfectly.

The night reception on Feb 1 was part of ArtWalk Melrose and we had a great crowd.  I set up my telescope, an 8" reflector, at the main entrance to the gallery and turned visitors on to views of Jupiter, the Great Nebula and Rigel, a double star.



Starry Night 2012 @ The Florida Museum

Starry Night, Gainesville's biggest star party and annual showcase of astronomy, was a huge success again this year!  The event, hosted by the Florida Museum of Natural History, had the museum and gardens full of etertaining and educating astronomy exhibits provided by the University of Florida, Sante Fe College and Kika Silva Pla Planetarium.  The Alachua Astonomy Club providing live telescope viewing.  I had my space art exhibit set up with my latest works including a new painting from the Keyhole Project. This is my 5th year doing the event and the museum had me inside, front and center in the museum main entrance.

This artist was happy to have such good exposure for my works!  The official attendance for the evening was 1,530 - mostly students, families with children, date nighters and of course, astronomy buffs of all ages.  Many gave me nice compliments and good feedback about my work.  It is always easy to tell who the artists are.  They tend to linger and project sensitivity, paying extra close attention to what your process might be, asking questions and making connections.  I'm happy to inspire other artists to take notice of the beauty and infinite possibilities that exist in the cosmos.

In years past, I've volunteered with our telescope at many astronomy public outreach events.  Folks line up and wait their turn to peer through the eyepiece and have their retinas tickled by live photons travelling from across the universe.  This very simple act puts them immediately on a rocketship, peering through a porthole at the craters on the Moon, approaching the planet Jupiter or Saturn or hovering over a star cluster that looks like so many gems sprikled across black velvet.  The responses are varied, but none better than the plain simple loud "WOW!"  So nice to hear that one when someone looks at my art too.  It confirms that I'm doing good things and makes it all worthwhile.    



Worldwide Paint Out @ Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Gainesville, FL, USA

Paint Out
Sept 14, 15, 16, 2012
Summer House Gallery Exhibition
Sept 21, 2012 - Jan 6, 2013
40% sales commission benefits
Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
4700 SW 58 Drive
Gainesville, FL

Sponsored by International Plein Air Painters, the three day paint out had artist's working together in locations all over the world, connecting through the unviversal language that has no borders.  Our local version here in Gainesville, Forida, sponsored by Hogtown Painters / Plein Air Florida, featured 16 local landscape painters with the event advertised to the public and staged in the magical setting of Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.  The gardens have long been an inspiration to many artists, musicians, writers, and poets and were host to one of the very first paint outs in Florida, ten years ago, in 2002.

I attended that first event as a visitor and was inspired by all the artists working together and generously sharing in the live public art venue.  It was performance art that offered a two way exchange of energy between the artist and the viewer.  For the viewer, the artist brought out of their studio, into the light, in front of a live subject.  An inside look into the individually unique creative process.  For the artist, an audience to put them on their best game, their best performance.  A chance for serendipity, valuable feed back, a positive emotional response, a ready critique, something to add to the story.  I loved it!

Well, here I am, ten years later, a seasoned artist participant and to my credit have also conceived, organized and directed four paint outs.  I am also the coordinator for our local group of 32 plein air artists, Hogtown Painters.  We were wanting to participate in this year's version of the Worldwide Paint Out, in it's 10th year, and Kanapaha Botanical Gardens was a favorite choice for the remarkable and diverse scenery.

I am very grateful to Don and Jordan Goodman and their daughter Alexis for their gracious generosity and hospitality for opening and welcoming the artists into the wonderland that is Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.  They prepared a wonderful reception for us in the beautiful gallery of the Summer House, the towering architectural showpiece and entrance to the gardens.
I was inspired to paint two scupltures in the children's garden, a sun/moon face and a dragon, combining them together in one composition that I worked on Friday and Saturday .  Although it was a child's fantasy, the grownups seemed to enjoy it more!  The rose trellis, catching the first rays of  morning light and glowing, caught my eye on Sunday morning.  This painting sold wet off the easel and well before it was finished!  I did four live paintings total and sold them all before they were hung for the reception.  The show of plein air paintings will hang in the Summer House Gallery through Jan 6, 2013.               


2012 Winter Park Paint Out

I am so very grateful to have experienced this amazing marathon and celebration of plein air painting!  The Winter Park Paint Out, a.k.a., "Halapaloosa" (after Hal Stringer, who conceived, promotes and co-directs the event), had 25 artists painting for an entire week the enchanting gardens of the Polsek Museum, the lakeside vistas and charming street scenes of Winter Park, Florida.   The event is a major annual fundraiser for the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens.  The museum's mission is to showcase and promote the international status and artworks of Albin Polasek.  How inspiring it was to work in the Master's home and gardens, to feel his presence and be moved by his spirit!

I had the opportunity to give a mini lecture/demo Painting the Nocturne.  Around a dozen students who were all enthusiastic and aspiring artists themselves attended.  I talked about what inspires me to paint the nocturne and the many methods I use.  I also did a demo painting that showed how to convert sunlight to moonlight and create a night painting in broad daylight.  I also shared some of my lifetime of knowledge and experience observing the night sky as an amateur astronomer. On Tuesday evening, we were invited to do some nocturne painting at a large private property on a lake.  The owner gave us a tour on his golf cart then we decided to paint the horse barn and out buildings that were sitting under a beautiful crescent moon alongside the Evening Star, brightly shining Venus.  It was interesting to see the various styles and approaches to this type of painting!  I donned my headlamp. Nicholay Mikushkin held his flashlight in one hand and his brush in the other, boldly painting away.  Hiu Lai Chong sat in her car with the interior light on, her painting propped on the dashboard and painted the scene viewed through the windshield!  On Wednesday, we artists were guests at the Hillstone Restaurant where we painted the sunset.  I love these opportunities for spontaneity, creativity and exchange within the live public art venue.  I painted into the light, and my painting Flash, Sparkle and Pop! sold wet off the easel.

For me the paint outs are more than just a marathon opportunity for painting and selling within our individual games. They are an opportunity to work with and learn from each and every artist participant. Everyone has something to teach each of us, that is if we don't let our egos get in the way!  Artist Morgan Samuel Price painted a gorgeous interior in Albin Polasek's studio. She also gave a wonderful demo / lecture and offered her audience a lot to see and think about. She gave us two mantras - make interesting shapes, artists are forever searching to make increasingly interesting shapes with brushes, knives and other methods in their work. The other - create a trap for the viewer and provide no escapes! I am so grateful to have worked with and learned from such a wonderful and talented group of artists. Everyone was so welcoming, kind, and generous to me!

My sister Evie hosted me during the week.  She works at the Winter Park Library, just a block from the Polasek Museum, and brought me lunches while I was working there.  Her home in Altamonte Springs is an oasis in the city, a sanctuary of peace and quiet, filled with books and my paintings that she has so generously bought.  Vincent had his brother Theo and I have my sister, Evie, who I am so grateful to for all the encouragement and support over all the years.  It was Evie who took me to the Polasek many years ago.  I immediately fell in love with the place, the artist and his works.  Treat yourself to a visit and discover the Polasek Musem and Gardens for yourself!

I am very  thankful for everyone at the museum, all the staff and volunteers who meticulously planned and executed to the highest and most generous level this incredible stage to showcase the artists and their works in the museum.  The Saturday grand finale of the Garden Party at the Polasek was incredible!   Of all the plein air events that I have participated in, this one was the very best in every way.  I have never felt more appreciated and celebrated as an artist in my entire life!


2012 Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens Invitational Paint Out / Mar 28 - 31

This wonderful event, only in its second year, successfully raises the bar on what a paint out can be.  Meticulously planned for over a year then executed by an army of volunteers, A Brush With Nature offers the artist every opportunity to create their best work.  The 3 day event featured 37 artists creating live works in the varied ecosystems of the 120 acre nature park.  As the only artist from Gainesville, I felt honored to be a part of it.  I really felt a special connection with the gardens this year and I think it showed in my work.  Of the first to arrive and last to leave each day, I gave everything I had to my paintings.  For the most part, the weather was very good but on Saturday, our last painting day, it turned rainy and then worsened.  All the good natured artists headed to the tents and found little spots here and there to set up and continue working!  The event culminated with a very swanky fete at Gallery 'L' at the Wells Fargo Center.  Many thanks to Mindy Hawkins and all the wonderful volunteers and to Daniel Fuchs and Lauren Domene for their warm hospitality.

Palm Groove (b&w) oil on wood 14 x 11 Copyright 2012 Tim Malles

Melrose Open Air Arts Mar21-31,2012

The 6th annual Melrose Open Air Arts had a successful week with 55 artists painting for 8 days at locations in historic and charming Melrose and the country thereabout.  Melrose is a time machine that will take you back as far as you want to go.  They call it the little town with the big art scene, one traffic light and three art galleries where the works produced during the paint out were exhibited for the 2 night Gala and where the remaining works will hang till the end of April.

Every year this event manages to reboot and refresh itself with new locations, new artists and emerging talents.  News of this very successful event has traveled far and wide over its 6 year span.  For the artist participant, it is a real treat to work here - the landscape is amazing and the locals open their hearts and homes to us and treat us like royalty! For the plein air enthusiast, an opportunity to share our muse and witness the mysterious creative process. For the art buyer and collector, a chance to find some beautiful and valuable works that capture a Florida that is quickly slipping away.  A commission on sales supports Florida's Eden, Blue Path and the arts in Melrose.

For more info visit:


2012 Thomas Center Paint Out Mar 9 & 10

Sixteen regional plein air painters created live works in the gardens of the Matheson Museum and the gardens of the Thomas Center for the Arts in Gainesville, FL on Fri and Sat Mar 9 & 10.  The event had artists working in the live public art venues in close quarters, a treat for all who attended and participated.  Everyone agreed that it was nice to add the Matheson Museum location this year because the property held much for all to treasure in the way of surprises and artistic inspiration.  I immediately focused on the charming Tison Tool Museum.  This little gift from out of the past was relocated here, board by board, then filled with a huge collection of rare antique tools.  My painting, Tison's Tool Barn, was purchased for the permanent collection of the Matheson Museum. 

On every count, the event outdid itself this year in terms of support, attendance, quality and number of works produced and sales.  I'm very grateful to Russ Etling, City of Gainesille, Alicia Antone, Matheson Museum, and Jan Scott, Thomas Center Associates for their most excellent partnership with and support of the artists. The art works produced at the paint out will have their final exhibition:

"In A Southern Garden"

Thomas Center Main Gallery
302 NE 6th Avenue,  Gainesville, FL
May 5 - June 23, 2012
Reception on Mother's Day
Sunday, May 13, 2 - 4


"Mission to Mars" / The Musical Chairs Project

3rd annual Musical Chairs Project
Friday, March 2, 2012, 7 - 10 pm
Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center
716 North Main Street, Gainesville, FL
A silent auction of unique and artfully designed chairs
by 27 prominent local artists
Supports Friends of Alachua County Public Schools
Elementary Arts Programs Fund of the
Gainesville Community Foundation

2/2/2012 The Keyhole Project @ 1st Thursdays at the Orlando Museum of Art

Three of my visionary paintings were featured in the exhibit "From Robots to Warlocks: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art in the 21st Century", 1st Thursdays at the Orlando Museum of Art. A nice crowd of art patrons turned out for this event that also featured live music and exotic dance performances.  I was pleasently pleased with the focus being on the art and the engagement of interesting and stimulating conversation. I had the opportunity to spend the morning touring the OMA's excellent permanent collection.  The towering Dale Chiluly in the rotunda, created specifically for this site, is absolutely stunning.  I also visited the Morse Museum and scouted painting locations for the upcoming Winter Park Paint Out.


11/3/11 Starry Night @ FLMNH

The 3rd annual Starry Night at the Florida Museum of Natural History, UF Cultural Plaza saw a huge attendance again this year.  The event is an annual showcase of astronomy education exhibits and outreach.  The museum galleries and gardens were full of entertaining exhibits provided by NASA, the National Science Foundation,  UF Dept of Astronomy, Santa Fe College, Kika Silva Pla Planetarium and my own Space Art Gallery.  I had the opportunity to exhibit for visitors many of my new space art works for the first time.  Many folks commented how much my work has improved over the 3 year span of the event.  Unlike my landscape works that tend to appeal to a more mature audience, I am pleased that my space art appeals mainly to students and young folks, giving this artist a whole new and fresh audience for my works. 


10/3-8, 2011 Color the Coast / Painting the Region

The 3rd annual Painting the Region event featured 30 plein air artists painting live in the public art venue for an entire week along the north east Atlantic Coast of Florida. The event is produced by and beneficiary to North Florida Land Trust.  Painting the Region has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the little town of Switzerland on the St John's River (where I had the pleasure to stay with Stetson Kennedy at Beluthahatchee) to this lovely week along the coast.  The event features plein air painters in the Jacksonville area and offers the support of hosts to out of town painters like myself.  This year we had artists from as far as North Carolina and Rome, Italy!

Day one had us at the extreme north end on the south shore of the St John's River in the tiny little fishing village of Mayport where after some searching about, I found the lighthouse and a good view of it.  The only problem was, there was a tall, razorwire topped fence between us.  I decided to leave it out until the end and I thought it would add an interesting element to the perspective.  During the course of my 3 hours working on the piece, several folks stopped by to chat.  By far the most interesting was an elderly woman who was born there and could tell me anything about anybody in the town, past or present.  She said she hated that fence and thanked me very much for ignoring it in my picture!

Each day we would work our way south painting from town to town, Mayport to Hannah Park to Atlantic Beach to Neptune Beach to Jacksonville Beach to Ponte Vedra Beach and all the way to Vilano.  I tried to get out on the beach itself and paint everyday in the afternoon.  At Vilano I had a beautiful swim in the rough surf.  I painted the moon a few times.  Each night a display was set up at an upscale happy hour that showcased the works that were produced on that day.  We had nice crowds for all of it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I found 2 very challenging subjects in the bronze life size statues of the girl and the turtle in Atlantic Beach and the boy and the dolphin in Jacksonville Beach.  These high profile locations provided me an excellent venue to promote the event to the community.  I was interviewed and photographed by reporters, ending up on the front page of the BEACHES LEADER with a color photo of me working on Sea Express.  Driversby for the most part would just pause and look but one fellow yelled enthusistically Bravo! Bravo!  That's pure energy that the performance artist can pour into their work.  These subjects gave me the perfect inspiration to go out of the box a little.  I painted the bronzes faithfully but took some creative license with their backgrouds and placed them where they belong!  This kind of thing can take the boring out of too many repetetive representational works.

On Thursday the weather turned stormy and provided an opportunity to observe some dramatic weather and catch a squall line driving ashore.  Such a change from the beginning of the week when the skies were clear and cloudless.  On Friday we had the chance to go back in time down the road less traveled on to the Stockton property, 40 acres of primevil forest, a sanctuary haven in a world long gone.  I had not been up in this part of Florida for at least a couple decades and it was a shock and depression to see how pretty much all of it had been built on, one multi-million dollar mansion after another with little exception all the way down the beach.  The Stockton property was the cure.  There were huge oaks and palms and dense forest.  There were animals everywhere, horses, pigs, goats, ducks.  These provided excellent subjects for quick handed artist Donna Grasso, whose charming painting of the pig was fought over before it was ever hung.  I got what I think my best paintings of the week here.  NFLT is trying to find a way to preserve this property.

The show will be up and paintings are for sale at the Ponte Vedra Cultural Center until Oct 24th.  A sales commission of 40% benefits both the North Florida Land Trust and the Ponte Vedra Cultural Center.  The Gala event on Saturday evening was a delightful time for all and a huge success.  My gratitude to Bonnie Barnes, Exec. Dir. NFLT and Paul Gruenther, Watson Realty, for hosting me this year.


9/23,24,25,2011 Thornebrook Art Festival

This one is my favorite art festival for all the reasons an artist does one -
great  location, visitors, support, and sales!  I had the opportunity to display 18 new works for the first time that were part of a plein air series painted this summer on locations all over North Florida. This is my 6th year in the show and it keeps getting better every year.  I've done the other street festivals in Gainesville but neither has the cool and relaxed feel of this show which winds around the covered walkways, paths and patios of the garden areas within the shops of Thornebrook.  Anchoring the show is art festival sponsor Thornebrook Gallery celebrating its 30th anniversary and featuring an awesome show of works by Trish Beckham.

The show, in its 28th year, is produced by the Gainesville Fine Arts Association who also produce Gainesville's other premier art festival in the spring at the Town of Tioga, Feb 24,25&26, 2012.


9/11 - 9/18/11 IAAA Workshop - Flagstaff, AZ

Just back from an amazing week with the International Association of Astronomical Artists at the 2011 Grand Canyon Workshop.  The event was based in Flagstaff, AZ (elev. 7,000 ft) and featured daily painting, sketching and siteseeing adventures to the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Sunset Crater Volcano, Wupatki Ruins, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Red Rocks and Lowell Observatory.  16 artists of the IAAA, including 9 Fellows (and a French documentary film crew) spent 5 days exploring the incredible sites and scenery in northern AZ.  Our time was split between plein air work on site and filling our photographic archives with reference material for future artworks.  The film makers were there to capture our activities as part of a film they are producing on Lucien Rudeaux,  one of the earliest pioneers of space or astronomical art.  I got to meet and work side by side with space art legends Dave Hardy, William K. Hartmann, Michael Carroll and other experts of the genre.  I had the unique opportunity to contribute to a real collaborative piece (each of us painting an equal portion) with these same space artists, a large painting depicting a gas giant planet with its moons rising over a grand canyon on another world of our imaginations somewhere in outer space. 

We logged over 900 miles in our 12 person van followed by 3 more vehicles loaded with more artists and supplies.  The first day at the Grand Canyon, we saw artists perched here and there on various precipice painting lovely little jewels as part of the Grand Canyon Celebration of the Arts, a major plein air event.  By the time we finally arrived at the Grand View to set up and paint everything turned stormy quite quick.  We went back to the GC on the last day and got some good weather and plein air time.  I did 2 paintings, a hoodoo in the canyon and a starry night scene of long ago beyond the Vishnu Temple.

Meteor Crater was an incredible experience.  Driving up on it on the high desert, it looks like a small mountain range spread across the flat landscape.  Getting closer and it is huge!  Then you enter through a museum and you are at then over the rim.  We lucky few were met by and given a very exclusive hiking tour around the rim of Meteor Crater by Dave Kring.  Dave is one of the world's foremost authorities on impact crater geology and Meteor Crater, the world's best preserved impact site.  As we rested on the rim, Dave painted a vivid picture of what happened here 50,000 years ago, how quick and devastating the results of a 30 meter rock flying in incredibly fast from outer space and the impact that turned solid rock into taffy excavating this gigantic crater and impacting the landscape for huge distances all around.  We sat on the rim, sketching and painting, and I did 2 pastels.  Michael Carroll graciously gifted his painting to Dave Kring as a thank you from our group for his time.

Another highlight for me was our trip to Lowell Observatory on Mars Hill overlooking Flagstaff.  We arranged for a special tour after closing from 9 - 11 pm.  We did some observing at the eyepiece of the historic 24" Clark Refractor of M15 and toured the telescope and observatory where Pluto was discovered.  We skipped our plans to travel to the north rim of the GC and Petrified Forest because of the long distances so we visited the Wupatki Ruins and Sedona and Red Rocks which was

I brought so much back with me from this workshop.  I learned a lot from all the people I spent the week with.  I was happy for the contributions I could make like helping fellow artists who were looking for inspiration, advice or critique.  Looking forward to all the art I intend to create, inspired by this amazing experience!        


9/11/11 The Beauty of Space

The Beauty of Space - Space Art From The International Association of Astronomical Artists has just been published!  The book, years in the making, is edited by Jon Ramer, IAAA Vice President, and includes a forward by Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean who is also a space artist and a Fellow of the IAAA.  We had the chance to preview the book and sign copies for the Kickstarter patrons at our recent IAAA workshop in Flagstaff, Arizona.  This full-color book, 181 pages long, is filled with images of space art that accompany chapters written about the history and development of the genre.  You'll get a look at everything from space art masterpieces like Saturn From Titan by Chesley Bonestell to the latest digital images envisioning the future on the final frontier. Pick up a copy and learn about the differences between Rock and Ballers and Swirlies, the Impressionists of space art.  My image Sundancers is featured in that chapter. 


7/29/11 Artwalk Gainesville Featured Artist

Only somebody as crazy as me puts themselves on a hot street in the middle of summer in the sunshine state and creates a live painting.  A lot of work went into staging this event that had me front and center as the month's Featured Artist at Artwalk, headquarters on the Bo Diddley Downtown Community Plaza.  Before I started the live piece, I set up an exhibit featuring my latest space art works, originals and prints.  Ken McMurray, Artwalk Director gave me a wonderful showcase, promotion and press.  The crowds were awesome and for me it was a treat to feed off the live performance energy exchange.  Retro Rockers The Righteous Kind were playing on the plaza and encouraged my artistic dance and kept me moving. 

Artwalk Gainesville happens every month, last Friday, 7 - 10, and features all the galleries in the downtown historic district.  The live painting I did is titled Sunset Launch and was created as a tribute and toast to the recent last launch and the end of the shuttle era.  Many folks shared a lament of the end of the shuttle program and funding cuts at NASA.  On a positive and optimistic note, I was able to share the good news about upcoming flights by commercial space programs Space X and Virgin Galactic, of which many knew little about.

It is intimidating for the artist in a live performance even in the most ideal of situations.  There is always the fear that one may create a monstrosity right before every one's watching eyes.  You must be totally confident in your muse and the result before you dive into the blank canvas.  It is always best to be prepared but leave enough room for a change in direction or even a scrape off and restart.  Between the extreme heat and the constant distraction from the crowd, I was able to paint something.  The next day in the studio I went back to the painting and poured all the stored shared energy from the night before into it and the piece, I think, came good.   


5/21/11 PAF / HPAP @ Manatee Springs

All a Florida artist can ask for is here at this magical spring with its magnificent setting on the Suwanee River.  I've been coming here for over 30 years now and although there have been some very dramatic changes, it is still an amazingly beautiful place.  The view into the spring is perfectly mesmerizing and you will not find a more prominent boil and rise on any other spring in the state.  Sunlight pierces the emerald hued crystal waters, striking the bottom and illuminating tiny shells at a depth of 35 feet.  The boardwalk along the spring run and the house out in the river are the most soulful places in the state.  We artists, and especially those who have been around long enough to see the changes, need to do something to bring attention to the degradation of our springs and the threat to our water and future.

4/30/11 PAF / HPAP @ Farm and Forest Fest

The group kicked off in style with the Farm and Forest Festival at Morningside Nature Park, an annual reenactment at an 1890's Florida cracker farm.  Like a giant time machine it transports you back to the live sites, sounds and sensibilities of a bygone era.  As part of the entertainment and commerce of the event, craftspeople ply lost trades and sell folk art and such to visitors.  We artists with our easels and palettes fit right in.  So little has changed since those times.  The very same blank canvas, brushes and tubes of paint!  This was my 3rd time painting in the event and it is always a treasure trove of inspiration.

Plein Air Florida / HPAP Revival

The Hogtown Plein Air Painters are back!  I'm happy to announce a revival bringing together and creating opportunities for plein air artists local to the Gainesville and surrounding area.  Plein Air Florida, co founded by Linda Blondheim and David Johnson, is the premiere group of plein air painters in the state.  The local group has been dormant for years and in that meantime we've seen a huge increased interest in plein air painting and events.  The return of collector interest to representational art and support from cultural and environmental interests has fostered its amazing growth.  Plein Air Florida is the #1 source for anything and everything Florida has to offer the plein air painter and patron.  Visit the links to their excellent website where you can meet the artists, view their works, find links and learn about upcoming events.
Our local painting activities with dates and locations will also be posted there.


A Brush With Nature - Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens Invitational Paint Out / April 7 - 9, 2011

The Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens was the inspiration and focus of the top plein air painters in Florida this past week.  37 landscape artists spent an intense 3 days of creativity seeking their muse in and bringing attention to the amazing natural setting of this beautiful park.  The arboretum is a jewel within the city with its 120 acres of diverse ecosystems including lakes, creeks, ravines, marshes, flora and fauna offering the perfect setting for artists to set up their easels and capture the essence of this landscape.  Long time paint out veterans all agreed that from the start this was the best produced and most professionally planned and operated paint out they have ever participated in.  Give credit to Mindy and Lad Hawkins and Gail Beveridge who worked for over a year to produce this event with a crew of hundreds of volunteers.  Artist liaisons Randy Pitts and Lyn Asselta asked for and received every possible amenity and support for artists.  It paid off in a bounty of stunning artworks, huge public attendances and excellent sales over the 3 day event that benefit and support the ongoing mission of the gardens. 

I was honored to be one of the featured artists to give a presentation, Plein Air as Public Art.  From this viewpoint within the venue of the paint out, we are performance artists.  In a poetic sense, I like to imagine what we do as building sandcastles, of which only one person can keep. I like the serendipitous encounter
with curious passersby and often this can lead to a collaborative effect.  There is an energy exchange that the performance artists can focus into their work.  Folks love to watch us use our artist's sleight of hand to make our magic.  My painting approach is very physical, a dance really!  The spectacular Gala Reception at Riverplace Tower Sat April 2 was packed with art lovers and patrons celebrating the artists and their works.  Unsold works are to be exhibited for 3 more weeks at Jaxport Gallery with a closing reception Friday, April 22, 5:00 - 7:00 pm.


2011 Melrose Open Air Art Works

" Starry Night, Melrose " Oil on wood / 8 x10 / SOLD / Cpoyright 2011 Tim Malles
Check out my new works from the past week of painting in the Melrose Open Air Arts.  It has been the best and freshest year ever for OAA (now in its 5th year!) as we've welcomed many new and very talented artists to the show along with many new painting sites opened for the first time.  The event comes to you with big celebrations at the VIP Collectors Preview Reception / Friday, April 1, 7 - 10 pm (Tickets $25.) and at the Gala Reception / Saturday, April 2, 6 - 9 pm (Free and open to the public) @ Melrose Bay Art Gallery and Bellamy Road Fine Arts.  You will find the most diverse artworks and styles of any paint out anywhere as this event continues to go out of the box and over the top to include broad interpretations along with more traditional representational works that will please every art lovers and buyers sensibilities and tastes.  This is only an example what sets Melrose OAA apart from all the rest and gives it the unchallenged title of BEST PLEIN AIR EVENT IN FLORIDA!  Don't miss the final celebration at the '60's Woodstock Dance Party with the Psychedelic Relics down the street at Shake Rag Artist's Collective / Saturday, April 2, 8:00 - 10:30 pm. 


Melrose Open Air Arts 3/23 - 4/2

Melrose Bay Art Gallery / Bellamy Road Arts / Shake Rag Art and Culture Center
Public Art Days - Mar 25 - 27
VIP Collector's Preview - Apr 1, 7 - 10 pm
Gala Reception and Art Sale - Apr 2, 6 - 10 pm

The 5th annual Melrose Open Air Arts starts Mar 23 and offers a week of painting for 60 of the state's best creatives.  This event is THE BEST plein air event in Florida!  For many reasons.  The most important of which is the fantastic people who live there.  This is a true artist's haven, a treasure to the creative sense and sensibility.  And a time machine that takes you back to long ago when the pace was slower and folks were just plain down to Earth and real.  This will be my 5th year in OAA and it always brings out the best in me.  The scenery is incredible, one could spent a lifetime working here and only just scratch the surface.  This year new sites out of town and far afield are game for our inspiration.  There will be painting days planned at area springs to bring attention to Florida's water issues.  Florida's Eden Blue Path Campaign is our beneficiary this year.   


3/19/11 "Lord of the Rings" @ Tioga Art Center

Join us for the second annual Musical Chairs Project Saturday, March 19, 6 - 9 pm @ Tioga Art Center.
Sit your ass down and fall in love with these awesome one-of-a-kind art chairs created by the best of our local talents.  The bidding starts @ $100.  100 percent of proceeds benefit the Elementary Arts Programs Fund of the Gainesville Community Foundation.  Help keep the arts in our schools!  Artist's reception with refreshments and live music.

Last year, I did Moon Chair which ended up as a feature on LPOD (Lunar Picture of the Day), thanks to the generous creative efforts of Howard Eskildsen.  Click on the image to access the link.

3/12/11 Painting All Out!

The Thomas Ceneter Paint Out gains good press coverage with a nice color picture on the cover of the G'ville Sun, local page Sunday, featuring Angela Hoppe and Aliye Cullu.  We had a couple hundred people come through and enjoy a Saturday in the park watching 13 artists creating live paintings with a range of styles, palettes and mediums in the beautiful setting of the gardens.  Graig Hardin with Fred and Kathy Figueroa put some bluesy country music in the air for everyone to groove on.  Joanne delighted our taste buds and tummies with her culinary magic. So grateful that some of our visitors were so generous to buy our works!  Check out the photos and my painting from the day, "Tangerine Glow". 

It is a very rewarding experience to create opportunities to promote and sell the works of other artists.  I feel blessed and I am grateful for our wonderfully inspiring and supportive art community.  

3 / 7-10 Trinity Prep Plein Air Workshop, Winter Park

As part of their visiting artist series, the patrons of the arts at Trinity Preparatory School hosted me for a week of art classes with the focus on teaching plein air basics to 39 students.  The highlight was 2 consecutive sunset paint outs, and getting to work alongside Latvian artist Irina Ashcraft.  A very rewarding experience!


Thomas Center Paint Out March 12, 2011, 10am - 4pm

The paint out returns with 12 artists creating live paintings of the historic buildings and gardens at the Thomas Center for the Arts, 302 NE 6th Ave. Gainesville, FL.  Live acoustic music by Fred Figueroa (blues), craig daniel hardin (country) and Michael Malles (classical).  Join us for a marathon celebration of creativity at this most beautiful and excellent public art venue.  There will be an exhibit and sale of plein air art works on the fountain plaza from 10am - 5pm.  New works will be added throughtout the day as wet paintings arrive fresh from the artist's easels.  The event partners with the 36th annual Spring Promenade Tour of Historic Homes.  A sales commisssion benefits the Thomas Center Associates and their ongoing mission of restorations and enhancements to the Thomas Center and its gardens.You are also invited to the ArtWalk exhibit for these works on Friday, March 25, 7 - 10pm at Eleanor Blair Art Studio 113 South Main Street, Gainesville, FL.

2011 Thomas Center Paint Out / Participating Artists
Frank Barone
Eleanor Blair
Stacey Breheny
Regina Stahl Briskey
Aliye Cullu
Angela Hoppe
Sue Johnson
Scott Lamp
Fran Litton
Tim Malles
Julie Robitaille
Peter Senesac
Nika Zakharov


The Keyhole Project Venues 1/1/11

The Keyhole Project opens this first month of the new year through a variety of media and venues.  Eighteen of the visionary artworks, with the NASA photos that inspired them, are on exhibit this month at the Hippodrome Gallery and during Artwalk, Fri Jan 28, 7 - 10 pm.  There will be a special multi-media presentation, hosted by the Alachua Astronomy Club on Tues Feb 8, 7 pm at the Florida Museum Of Natural History, UF Cultural Plaza.  On the Internet, visit thekeyholeproject.blogspot.com and come back often to see the release of new images, an exciting multi-media presentation and to read my musings about a project that has been my obsession for the last 7 years.  An art book and prints will be available soon.