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Gainesville, Florida, United States
Astronomy themes, landscapes and public art are some of the targets of my work. These are the best of times as we stand on the threshold of unprecedented discovery in space. As a space artist, I am grateful for and inspired by the amazing images of faraway places that the great telescopes of our generation have given us. As a plein air painter, I am inspired to quickly capture light, color and movement with the focus on our rapidly changing environment. As an artist within the live public art venue I am inspired by the opportunity for creativity, spontaneity and exchange.


2014 Silver Springs Paint Out

For 10,000 years +, Silver Springs has drawn visitors to its fountain of youth! What a treat to come to this premier, historic wonderland of Florida and paint! I remember my first visit here, in 1960. I was 6 years old. I recall the big rocket out front, the sub view of the springs, the glass bottom boats and Ross Allen's reptile shows. A lot has changed, come and gone, since then. The park has the eerie feel of a ghost town now with most of the concessions inside closed as the park is slowly being restored to its natural state after becoming a state park. The springs, although threatened in more ways than one during this modern age, are still beautiful, their waters clear with fish, turtles and gators swimming about.

The Ocala Plein Air Painters sponsored this event and welcomed artists from all over the state to participate. I am always captivated by the turquoise colors that seem to glow in the depths. It is amazing to me, this crystal flood that flows from mysterious, subterranean caverns. Such a joy to come here and paint it and to share the experiences with other like-minded artists and visitors.