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Astronomy themes, landscapes and public art are some of the targets of my work. These are the best of times as we stand on the threshold of unprecedented discovery in space. As a space artist, I am grateful for and inspired by the amazing images of faraway places that the great telescopes of our generation have given us. As a plein air painter, I am inspired to quickly capture light, color and movement with the focus on our rapidly changing environment. As an artist within the live public art venue I am inspired by the opportunity for creativity, spontaneity and exchange.


Moon Over Melrose @ Shake Rag Art and Culture Center 2/22/13

  The good folks of the Alachua Astronomy Club showed up in force to set up an impressive array of high-grade telescopes and other equipment for a benefit at Shake Rag Art and Culture Center in Melrose, FL.  The event was designed as a way to showcase the many talents of the astronomy club's members and as an educational outreach for the east side of the county.  Among some of the featured club member activities were Bob O'Connell giving a talk, "Strange Lights on the Moon", Gay Haldeman with a display of Science Fiction Grand Master Joe Haldeman's books, drawings and watercolors, live music by Amir and Mary Abdullah on the didgeridoo and percussion and an exhibit of space artwork and astro photos.  Paula McClain and Shake Rag gallery artists staged a studio for young artists to create at the event.   

Unfortunately the weather forecast took a turn for the worse and rained out the main portion of live telescope viewing staged outside.  Everyone moved inside and made the best of it, enjoying talks, presentations, the art exhibit and live music by club members.  However, later in the evening, the clouds eventually opened up and a few telescopes were set up on the front patio and attendees got some awesome views of the Moon and Jupiter.  Sometimes it takes dark clouds by contrast to show you how bright the moon and stars can shine!