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Gainesville, Florida, United States
Astronomy themes, landscapes and public art are some of the targets of my work. These are the best of times as we stand on the threshold of unprecedented discovery in space. As a space artist, I am grateful for and inspired by the amazing images of faraway places that the great telescopes of our generation have given us. As a plein air painter, I am inspired to quickly capture light, color and movement with the focus on our rapidly changing environment. As an artist within the live public art venue I am inspired by the opportunity for creativity, spontaneity and exchange.


2013 "A Brush With Nature" Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens Invitational

"A Brush With Nature" celebrates its third consecutive year as the premier plein air painting event in North East Florida and the successful annual fundraiser for the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens. I was happy to be a contributor and part of the roster this year for this very competitive, juried event. I've done this event every year now and the last two years as the only artist representing Gainesville.

We artists become intimate with the beautiful and inspiring gardens over the 3 day plus run of the event. On the first day of the paint out, most of the artists were inspired to paint around Lake Ray. This made it easy for the many visitors to find us  The topography is varied throughout the park and fairly steep in places offering various high overlooks around the lake. We artists are not so active in our work but at this event we get good exercise! Its fun hiking the roller coaster trails here and there is always inspiration at every turn! Wet weather was part of the equation for this year's paint out and offered us some dramatic lighting.  It can be challenging at times painting in the rain but it is always easier for an oil painter. Oil and water don't mix so its just a matter of blowing water off board and palette!

On the last day of the event, I painted alone, perched on a deck overlooking a little waterfall on Jones Creek. The sky was mostly overcast and bright, reflecting light everywhere and when the sun shone through, it sparkled on the water. I was completely surrounded by the lush green beauty, the sounds of the waterfall, the buzz of nature, the rich smell of damp earth and rain and blooms. That's what the artist is challenged to put into their work!

The gala reception was in the gardens this year and the rain offered challenges but one and all made the best of it and the mood was celebratory, uplifting and fun! My hosts again were Daniel Fuchs and Lauren Domene and they were the best! Many thanks to the small army of dedicated volunteers who stage this most excellent celebration for the plein air artist!